My Passion for Handwoven Tweed

Having such a passion for handcrafted and tweed, I was intrigued to read the story of a young man named Daniel Harris.

After rescuing a rusting loom from an old barn in rural Wales and with no training or prior knowledge of weaving, Daniel learnt how to fully dismantle and reassemble looms that hadn’t been used for 30 years, he rebuilt the machines and taught himself the art of loom weaving.

He is now the proud owner of the creation of London’s first micro-mill. Established in 2011, the London Cloth Company uses traditional weaving techniques and a range of equipment dating all the way back to the 1870s.

Tweed, so long the mark of the upper class outdoorsman, has persisted through its combination of delicate design in rough-wearing wool.

Although traditional craftspeople still hand weave it in Scotland and Ireland, their operations have become industrial in scale, churning out vast lengths of the world-famous Harris Tweed daily for sale to tourists picking through Edinburgh’s souvenir shops.

The London Cloth Company, tiny as it is, exports to Sweden, Japan and Germany and five years on, supplies woven cloth to a growing number of designers, companies and individuals.

See the article ‘Weaving Modern Cloth with Victorian Looms’. Listen to the rhythmic sound of the loom as you watch the video here of Daniel at work. It is so inspirational!

Information, video & photos via the following: BBC news magazine/The tweed Pig/Style Salvage/Port magazine$_32

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