The Wonderful Work of Marthe Armitage



I absolutely love the work of Marthe Armitage. She graduated from Chelsea School of Art after the second world war, and in the 1950s, after she was married and had children, started designing lino-cut wallpapers.




Whilst raising her young family in the 1960s, Marthe would push her pram along the Thames in Chiswick and take inspiration from things she saw along the way: cow parsley, oak leaves, seed pods.



Using the same methods as she did over 50 years ago, her hand drawn designs appear as she draws and not before. After sketching the design, she uses hand-cut lino blocks and her century-old offset lithographic printing press that she has owned for over 40 years to create custom-printed rolls of wallpaper.






Today, Marthe’s daughter helps in her Chiswick studio as apart from being aged over 80, still has many orders to produce! Her work is highly sort after by the rich and famous keen for her designs.



Her intricate wallpaper designs, available through archive and hand-printed wallpaper specialists Hamilton Weston, are more popular than ever, and she is still designing and printing industriously.

Info & images via Wikipedia/Hamilton Weston/





2 thoughts on “The Wonderful Work of Marthe Armitage

  1. thetinypotager says:

    The prints are glorious, I really enjoyed this post. Loved the photos of the print process too. I have to wait until all of my children are bigger before I dare have such pretty wallpaper 🙂🌿


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