Shetland Wool Week



I am feeling very excited as we enter the month of September for two reasons. Firstly, (although I do not want to wish the year away!) I so love the autumn. Also because it will be Shetland Wool Week from 23rd September until 1 October. Apart from the passion I have for textiles I also have a love for yarn, in fact any crafts which involve creating with natural products.


Shetland Wool week is a celebration of Britain’s most northerly native sheep, the Shetland textile industry and the rural farming community on the islands. Shetland wool has a reputation for being hardwearing and so Shetland knitwear has a deserved respect gained from many generations of hard working knitters.




Shetland Wool Week was conceived only eight years ago and has grown into an internationally acclaimed event. This year there will be an extensive range of exhibitions, classes and events, which will cover many different subjects. These will include; weaving, spinning, dyeing, Fair Isle and lace knitting as well as many other fascinating subject areas. Events will take place from the most southern tip of the Shetland, right up to the most northerly island of Unst, famous for its beautiful lacework, with many locations in between.

Sadly I won’t be able to visit this year, but here’s hoping I will be able to next time! However, with a desire to celebrate this event, I have made a few small items for my shop from Shetland Tweed wool fabric, sharing a little of this beautiful product.


All information taken from the Shetland Wool Week website. For more information go here


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