About me

A lifetime creating!

Growing up in an artistic family I was constantly surrounded by creativity. From an early age I was taught a variety of crafts…. I will treasure these moments and be forever grateful to my family for instilling the passion to create into my life……..



Pictured above (top) the youngest of four girls, (middle pic) our artistic aunt Dee and (bottom) an early picture of my Mother, Laura, the sewer & knitter of the family.



My lovely gran, Annie. She taught me how to crochet slippers!



My Father, always inventing! My Mother, in her handmade gypsy style blouse.


For a number of years I worked for an interior designer producing bespoke window dressings, but I wanted to use my creativity to design my own products, which lead to me opening my online Etsy store, Flax & LoomThe name Flax & Loom arose as I have a passion to work with natural fabrics such as linen and wool and where possible, handwoven tweeds.



These skills, along with my desire to ‘make’ have stayed with me all my life. As sewing and creating is my passion, I am keen to share my skills with others through a variety of craft workshops. View more information on my Haven Craft Workshops page. You can follow me on Facebook to see forthcoming workshops.


It is right and necessary that all should have work to do which shall be worth doing and be of itself pleasant to do, and which should be done under such conditions as would make it neither over-wearisome nor over-anxious.

-William Morris –