Making from my garden

Apart from picking fresh herbs from my garden for cooking or for sprinkling finely chopped as a garnish, drying herbs means prolonging the pleasure they bring all year round.

Towards the end of last year I made bouquet garni sachets for friends and family. This is such an easy project and so enjoyable to do as you have the added pleasure of breathing in their sweet aroma!

Begin by drying your herbs. I chose thyme, rosemary, parsley, basil, sage. Hanging in smaller bundles for this makes the drying process speedier.

Whilst your herbs dry, take unbleached cotton muslin. Wash in mild detergent, rinse well and dry.

Cut into squares large enough to contain your chosen herbs.

Place a selection in the centre of each square. I also added some organic dried black peppercorns from my larder. Gather the corners of the muslin and sides ensuring all edges are gathered together with no space for any contents to escape. Tie with kitchen string. I leave a couple of tails to the string so I can make a loop at the top of each bag. This means when using they can be attached to the pan handle and will be easier to remove once cooking is complete.

For gifts, I also made cotton drawstring bags from a piece of plain white cotton pictured here, which has an embroidered insect motif. I felt it made a nice storage bag to keep the herbs smelling fresh.

Happy making!